Kitchen chimney price and other important factors to look for when buying a chimney

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Everyone loves the smoky flavor of Indian spices but it is the lingering smell that can be off-putting. It is because of this reason that chimneys are a must-have in Indian kitchens. They absorb smell, hot air and grease particles while you cook. This leaves the air in the kitchen clean and fresh and making the cooking experience pleasant. By protecting your walls, tiles and cabinets from getting sticky, electric kitchen chimneys save you a lot of cleaning hassle. Installing a chimney in your kitchen offers you several benefits, but it is important to buy one that suits your needs.

As one of the top chimney brands, here we discuss some important factors, including kitchen chimney price, to consider when buying a chimney:

  • Suction power:

The choice of a kitchen chimney generally depends on the size of the kitchen and the frequency of cooking. The airflow rate or the suction power of a chimney refers to the amount of air that the chimney is able to suck at its maximum speed. To establish the right suction power, the general rule of thumb is to multiply the volume of the kitchen by 10. For instance, if the volume f the kitchen is 70 cubic meter (length X breadth X height), in that case, a chimney with a suction power of 700 m3/h will ensure adequate air circulation.

  • Dimensions:

Kitchen chimneys are available in standard sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm. In order for cooking fumes to be channeled correctly, a kitchen chimney must be equal to or greater than the dimension of the cooktop. This ensures that the fumes do not escape.

  • Stylish hood:

Do you want a suspended chimney or an integrated one? Whether you like a hood fixed to the wall or one that has a recessed design, the choice of the hood depends on the layout of the kitchen. Firstly, our modern chimneys are available in various sizes, designs and finishes. Secondly, island kitchen chimney is the perfect fit if your cooktop is installed on a kitchen island. And lastly, wall-mounted chimneys are ideal for those where cooktops are placed against the wall. Available in various sizes and styles, you will not have a problem finding the right fit for your kitchen from our wide range of chimneys.

  • Cleaning:

When buying a kitchen chimney one of the most important things to consider is whether it is easy to clean or not. Thanks to dry auto clean technology, our new-age chimneys are easy to clean. It comes with an oil collector where all the grease and oil particles accumulate. This oil collector is easily accessible, can be removed and washed.

  • Price:

Modern kitchen chimney price may vary, depending on the features they have. As a chimney can last from 7 years to 10 years and it creates a visual centerpiece over the cooktop, it is important to set your priorities right and set a good budget for the chimney.

A combination of practicality and style, our kitchen chimneys  are a perfect match for Indian kitchens. The motors that come with a lifetime warranty offer fantastic performance. Elegantly designed, our kitchen chimneys create a designer look.

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