Importance of a Kitchen Chimney in today’s life

27th Jun admin

The role of a kitchen chimney is not only to make the kitchen look modern and ubercool. Besides, it protects your loved ones from being exposed to harmful gases released while cooking foods containing carbohydrates, fats. A kitchen chimney is  primarily designed to suck all the oily and Smokey particles. This makes the kitchen as well as the home smoke free and smell free. Thus, your family members could be actually surprised by the seeing the food and not knowing beforehand by smelling all the residual released in the air. Jokes aside, the importance of a kitchen chimney is well underestimated and lesser acknowledged. Now, let’s get into many benefits of having a device termed as “heart of kitchen” by many.

Why is having a kitchen chimney important?

Having a kitchen chimney makes you the hero of the family in mainly two aspects, Home and Health. Lets begin with the Home aspect. By installing a chimney, you will save your home that could have been covered with smokes and soots. While cooking, many items are burned, releasing smoke and most of the time, residual smoke, that settle on the walls. This smoke creates black layer and also affecting the tiles (if any), turning it into either black or yellow, both of them making it look appalling to the eyes. These unwanted residues are not limited to the kitchen and adjoining areas, it will affect the whole of home by making it greasy and the walls a blackish effect.

Looking in the Health aspect, while cooking/frying spices and chillies , sneezing and coughing attacks are triggered due to the aroma, smoke released by the process. This makes all of the members uncomfortable. This may also sometimes trigger an uneasiness in breathing. By installing a kitchen chimney, all of the shortcomings will be removed.

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