Help Improving Air Quality within Your Home by Selecting Right Chimney

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Help Improving Air Quality within Your Home by Selecting Right Chimney

With the ever-rising concern about pollution, it becomes very important for everyone to take precautions and measures to protect your family from polluted air. Along with outside air quality, one has to take care of air quality inside the house as your loved ones spend a lot of time within the house and we are sure that you would go above and beyond to ensure that your family breathes in the best air. And one of the best solution to all this is installing a kitchen chimney in your house.

According to a study published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) “air within homes and residential and commercial buildings is more polluted in comparison to the outside air”.

Another study showcase that people spend more time indoors which increases the risk for them due to greater exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoor.


Hence, if you are looking out for a quick solution to improve the air quality within your home then here are a few simple solutions:

  1. Bring nature to your home: Plant more houseplants which help in cleaning the air. Aloe, English Ivy, Snake plant, Rubber tree, Bamboo palm, etc are such few plants.
  2. Installation of the chimney in the Kitchen: In the Indian kitchen, people love the aroma of spluttering tadka but it will make your kitchen full of smoke and odour which becomes an add-on factor in decreasing the quality of air inside the home. The best kitchen chimney can help you make your kitchen free from oil, smoke, and odour. It can help you in improving the air quality of your home as it can remove all the smoke making the air clean. Moreover, a modern chimney also accentuates the style of your kitchen.

Points to consider while selecting the best kitchen chimney for your home:

  1. Suction Power
  2. Chimney Filter top
  3. Size of the Chimney
  4. Design of the Chimney
  5. Chimney ducting

If you are looking to buy the best chimney in Kolkata then you can go for Sleek Kitchen Chimney by Propello, the best brand in kitchen chimney which is known for its quality product. Propello chimneys are a great fit for any kitchen. For instance, they have excellent suction power. Propello Kitchen Chimneys have a modern design and have special features like suction display, room temperature display. These features help you to use this chimney with ease and proficiency. It has touchless wave technology which makes it a must-have for every kitchen. Moreover, they have an excellent feature of dry auto clean which makes the cleaning of chimneys very easier to use and clean on regular basis.

Propello chimney filters are designed in such a way that it will be suitable for the Indian kitchen. These kitchen chimneys have minimal noise and maximum effectiveness. They are the best selling kitchen chimneys in Kolkata.


  1. Vacuum on regular basis: Broom is not able to clean complete dust so prefer to do vacuuming at regular intervals. This will help in improving air quality.
  2. Use doormats: These can help restricting the entry of pollutants to your home and will help in improving air quality within the house.
  3. Avoid over usage of room sprays as this may also have an adverse impact on your house air quality.

You can follow the above-mentioned points to improve the air quality of your home and make your loved one safe by making them breathe in the best quality of healthy air.

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