Propello chimney: How to select the right one?

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Propello chimney: How to select the right one?

A Propello chimney is known for its innovation, beauty and tough exteriors, and its excellent customer service. If you are looking for a Propello chimney online and thinking what factors to consider, here is a foolproof guide that will help you choose the right Propello chimney for your kitchen 


Propello chimney online: Which one is best for your kitchen? 

  • Suction capacity:

    Kitchen chimneys are important to every kitchen, modular or not. Buying a chimney is essential as it absorbs smoke, grease and cooking odours at the source and prevents stains on walls, tiles and cabinets. However, it is the suction capacity that controls how effectively a chimney draws the smoke.  The choice of the suction capacity depends on the size of the kitchen and cooking style.

The suction power is the capacity of the motor to extract smoke and odour. The unit of measurement is cubic metres per hour. The suction capacity for Propello chimneys ranges from 1000 m3/h to 1800 m3/h.

  1. Propello classic chimney: One of our popular kitchen chimney models —- Propello Classic chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, making it an ideal fit for a small kitchen to medium-sized one. For Propello classic chimney price, call us at 1800 121 0600.  
  2. Elite chimney: Similarly, Propello Elite chimney comes with an 1800 m3/hr suction power which makes it ideal for large kitchens. 


  • Mount type of Kitchen Chimneys:

    Propello chimneys are available in many designs and mount styles to suit the layout of different kitchens.  Popular mount types are:

  1. Straight Line chimneys: Our intricately designed straight line chimneys —- Queen Black and Royalee can be easily fitted below the cabinet. They are ideal for small kitchens or where there is less overhead space
  2. Island Chimney: Island chimneys are ideal for ceiling installation. For kitchens with cooktops not near to a wall, it is best.
  • Auto Clean Technology of Kitchen Chimneys:

    Our chimneys come with auto clean technology – they come with a blower inside the chimney that helps push the smoke particles towards the chimney’s wall.  Oil particles melt and accumulate inside the oil collector which are then emptied and refilled.   Therefore, the auto clean technology not only requires less cleaning but it also increases the life of chimneys.

  • Motors of Kitchen Chimney:

    Motors of ordinary chimneys break down due to rusting and the accumulation of water and oil droplets.  Therefore, it is important to understand the type of motor that comes with the chimney.

Note: Our motors are water-proof to ensure that the chimneys are long-lasting. 

After all, to know what is the best chimney for the kitchen or to book a demo call us at 1800 121 0600 . 

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