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Kitchen Chimney Selection and Installation FAQs

Buying the best auto clean chimney requires understanding its size, suction capacity, ducting type and maintenance. And, after having selected one, the most important thing is to ensure that it is installed properly. Which is chimney is the best or what should be the gap between the cooktop and the chimney, there are a lot of decisions to be made while buying the best auto clean chimney and getting it installed. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on auto clean chimney selection and installation that you may find helpful: 

  • Which type of auto clean chimney is best? 

The chimney that will work best for you depends on several factors such as the suction power, dimensions, and maintenance. The suction power of a kitchen chimney depends on the size of the kitchen and cooking style. 

Note: Follow this rule while selecting a chimney with the right suction power- multiply the volume of the kitchen by 10. Suppose, the volume of your kitchen is 70 cubic meters, go for a chimney with a suction power of 700 m3/h to ensure proper air circulation. If you frequently deep fry and barbeque, buy a chimney with higher suction capacity. In terms of dimension, you will normally find standard chimney sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm. Your chimney should be either equal to or greater than the dimension of the cooktop. 

A small kitchen may require a chimney with a low suction capacity. However, if you deep fry and barbeque a lot, you will need a chimney with high suction capacity. 

  • What are the different filter types? 

There are different types of chimney filters you will find. Typically, you will find three types of filters: 

  1. Baffle filters: The baffle filter is the most commonly found in chimneys designed for Indian kitchens. It is because they are durable and easy to maintain. 
  2. Mesh filters: The mesh filters consist of multiple layers of metal mesh. It helps to trap solid particles and keep the smoke out. In terms of cost, it is inexpensive compared to other filters but it needs high maintenance. 
  3. Carbon filters: carbon filters are made up of charcoal slate. It has holes inside them to carry out its function. But it is not a great option in terms of durability as compared to other chimney filters. 
  • Where should a kitchen chimney be placed? 

The placement of the chimney depends on the layout of the kitchen. If the gas is placed against the wall, the chimney should be mounted on the wall. An island chimney is placed on the ceiling with lots of ducts and pipes required to divert smoke and fumes out.  

  • What should be the distance between cooktop and chimney?

The distance between the chimney and the cooktop should be somewhere in between the range of 26 to 30 inches. Do not go beyond 30 inches otherwise, the chimney won’t be able to effectively draw smoke, heat and odour. Anything below 26 inches will make it difficult for you to see pans and vessels while cooking.  

  • Can I install a kitchen chimney myself?

The process of installing a kitchen chimney is complex. It is best to leave the installation to a professional. When you buy a Propello chimney, a trained professional will visit your home and install the chimney in a safe and secured manner.

  • What is the auto clean chimney price? 

To know Propello chimney price, call us at 1800 121 0600. 

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