Our Vision

To make us establish as the most admired company while having people as our priority.

Our Mission

To create a happy world for those we around us – our customers, trade partners, employees.

Propello loves to see a smile on you.

  • Sharing is caring
    Working as a team while sharing our love, care & knowledge with each other.
  • Think like a Family
    Being thoughtful towards our Stakeholders and our society as well, so that we can be a part of the larger family.
  • Valuing integrity and unity
    Valuing the talents that join hands to take us forward. We dream of creating an organization that works together as a team to give back to our society.
  • Towards Knowledge
    Wanting to be a team that respects development and innovation.
  • Excelling in our service
    Excellence in service comes from being action-oriented, we promise to ensure an improved service at every step. Our products like water purifiers and kitchen chimneys can compete with internationally acknowledged product.
  • Being socially responsible
    Being good citizens to take care of our society and be responsible for our environment.


Propello Advance Water purifier - to make life healthier

Propello Advance Water purifier is one of the top water purifiers as it follows the multi-step water purifying process. It has UV, RO Technology with an Easy-to-Use interface.

Propello water Purifiers is entirely efficient to provide you with safe, pure drinking water without much difficulty. Our best water purifiers keep your clean by removing all viruses and bacteria that contaminate drinking water.

Propello water purifiers are available in various range, style, and features. Contact us to learn more about our products!