Whether small or big, the kitchen is the hub of your home. This is the most used room in the house, and the centre of most of the activities and communication. But have you ever wondered why is it so important to have a well-planned, well-designed kitchen? Most people emphasise on designing the living room of the house and put little or no emphasis on the kitchen design. Hence, they end up making a few mistakes while planning the kitchen.


As one of the leading manufacturers of modular kitchen chimney, we share with you a few common mistakes homeowners make while designing their kitchen.

  • Installing chimney, hob and sink near the corners

You spend most of the time in your kitchen either cooking or washing your dishes. Therefore, the chimney and the hob and the wash basin should not be installed near the edges or the corners of your kitchen. It may become too congested to stand near the corners or edges for a longer period of time. 

  • No ventilation

Cooking, especially dishes that involve a lot of spices, can leave lingering odours that can drift throughout your kitchen and house. No matter how you like to hear the spluttering sound of your dal tadka, you would definitely not want the lingering smell in the rest of the house. Moreover, cooking fumes can leave greasy stains on cabinets, walls and ceiling. 


Note: Install a modular kitchen chimney by Propello to get rid of cooking fumes and grease. Our kitchen chimneys collect and draws out the polluted air from the kitchen, leaving your kitchen clean and smoke-free. Our dry auto clean technology chimneys are easy to maintain as they come with an oil collector which can be emptied and cleaned once or twice in a month depending on the monthly usage. This, in turn, increases the lifespan of the chimney. The auto-clean technology makes these chimneys easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. 

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  • Inefficient kitchen arrangement

Many homeowners do not know that various kitchen appliances and elements relate to each other and function together. Hence, it is important to arrange the kitchen in a way that makes it functional as well as visually appealing. You should always give importance to the three-point arrangement, which includes the arrangement of the cooktop, sink and fridge. If these three elements are arranged in the correct order, it will be easier for you to add other additional appliances in the kitchen.

  • Lack of lighting layers 

The kitchen is the heart of the home where a variety of activities take place including cooking, baking and entertaining. Therefore, it is important that have a variety of lighting to accommodate these different activities. Besides, a source of ambient lighting that provides overall illumination, a kitchen should have under-cabinet lights and pendant lights over the sink area and cooking area. 

  • Improper storage

As a multi-purpose space that is used daily, a kitchen should have ample storage. Cluttered kitchen countertops can make cooking a hassle. While designing the kitchen make sure there are plenty of cabinets to organise, hide and display certain kitchen appliances and accessories.

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