Water purifier in Kolkata for home

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Water purifier in Kolkata for home

Purifying water involves removing unwanted chemicals, biological pollutants, suspended particles, and gases. Water that is suitable for a range of uses must be produced. Water is typically cleaned and disinfected for human consumption (drinking water), but it may also be purified for various other services, such as industrial, medicinal, and pharmaceutical ones. There have been many different ways used to purify the water throughout history. Physical processes like filtration, sedimentation and distillation, biological processes like slow sand filters or biologically active carbon, chemical processes like flocculation and chlorination, and the use of electromagnetic radiation like ultraviolet light are just a few of the techniques used.

With the help of water filtration, it is possible to lower the concentration of a variety of dissolved and particulate matter and suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungus.

Governments or international standards are frequently used to determine the requirements for drinking water quality. Depending on the intended use of the water, these guidelines often contain minimum and maximum quantities of pollutants.

Visual examination is incapable of determining if water satisfies their requirements for quality. All potential pollutants present in water from an unknown source cannot be treated with easy steps like boiling or using a home-activated carbon filter. Even natural spring water, which was regarded as entirely safe in the 19th century, must today be tested to determine whether any treatment if any, is necessary. Even if they are expensive, chemical and microbiological analysis is the only way to get the data required to choose the best purification technique.

According to a 2007 World Health Organization (WHO) report, 1.1 billion people do not have access to improved drinking water supplies; 88% of the 4 billion cases of diarrheal disease each year are caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, poor hygiene, and 1.8 million people die from the diarrheal disease every year. According to the WHO, 94% of these occurrences of diarrheal sickness might be avoided by changing the environment, such as increasing access to clean water. If people used easy home water treatment methods, including chlorination, filters, and sun disinfection, and stored their water in secure containers, numerous lives might be saved each year. Reducing mortality from waterborne illnesses in underdeveloped nations is a top public health objective.

The mechanical concept behind water filters and water purifiers is the same. They first absorb raw water, filter out pollutants like dirt and microorganisms, and then release clean water. One significant distinction between the two is that a cleaner can get rid of germs and viruses that filters can’t. Some purifiers utilize chemicals to eliminate or catch viruses, while others use an electrostatic charge.

Adding chlorine to water was one of the earliest ways to purify it. Hydrochloric acid, released by chlorine, interacts with the microbes and destroys them. However, this method lost favor due to its harmful effects on health and its incapacity to eradicate specific types of protozoa, opening the door for new purifying methods.


There is no doubting that our available water sources are under tremendous strain as water becomes scarce. Having a water filter at home is essential due to the ease with which most water sources may get polluted. When it comes to water filtration, Propello water purifiers perform incredibly well.

Bring the Propello finest water purifier home to safeguard yourself from illnesses and contaminants that could be present in the water, which is a need for life.


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