How to choose a Water Filter

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Believe it or not! Selecting a water filter from a wide range of sources might be tricky if approached without ample knowledge. It will influence the flavor of the food and also health of the consumers.

A good water filter not only identifies but also eradicates the presence of bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Did you know that less than 50% of the Indian population has access to safe drinking water? Given the water contamination in several parts of the country, it’s important to have a water purifier at home. How do you choose the perfect water purifier for your home?

Things to ensure before selecting a Water Filter:

  • Ensuring the water quality appropriateness – Since water purifiers eliminate contaminants, The efficiency of water purifers needs to be checked . In the process of such elimination, the smell, taste and colour of water gets affected .
  • The range of the water purifier- These water purifiers eliminate specific contaminants. Depending on the water quality in your area, you can decide whether to opt for RO or UV water purifiers. In addition, you also need to check whether the water purifier has NSF-Certification. Since water has biological, chemical and physical contaminants, a good water purifier should be able to use technology that’ll help with such contaminants.
  • Storage capacity of the water purifier- Large storing capacity are now being provided in water purifers so that it can dispense water even in powercuts. Large family should go for these facility and that too with a larger storing capacity.
  • Maintanence and cost- Buying a purifier comes with responsibility to keep it in a good condition for further use. Changing filters at a regular basis ensures good quality of water and longer life of the purifier. A purifier that requires a lot of maintanence at a high cost which exceeds the cost of the purifier itself is definitely not something considerable.

Qualities and different variations to look into before selecting a purifier:

  • UF Water Purifier- Dissolves wide range of microorganisms. But it does not remove heavy solids dissolved in water.
  • UV Water Purifier- this kind of water purifier removes contaminants with 99.9% efficiency but cannot remove the dead body of microorganisms which cause no harm. It does not remove dissolved solids and heavy metals..
  • RO Water Purifier- the best kind of water purifier in the market since it remove harmful microorganisms, dissolved solids, and heavy metals from water.

In conclusion, selecting a water purifier can be tricky but with ample knowledge any consumer can choose the best purifier for his/her needs.

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