With different kitchen appliances brands promising to be the best in the lot, it becomes quite challenging to choose the most perfect for your lovely kitchen. Not all homes have the same requirements, and not all kitchens speak the same story. So, before you indulge in choosing the right kitchenware for the most important corner of your home, know the pros and cons of your kitchen and choose accordingly. The kitchen matter’s size and structure while choosing and keep in mind what kind of food your kitchen produces.

Chimneys are majorly categorized into ducted and ductless chimneys. A ducted chimney sucks in the air, loaded with grease, dirt, and smoke. It then traps all the harmful particles in the air while releasing the heavily corrupted air out of the kitchen through a PVC pipe. While ductless chimneys suck all those alright but release, the purified air inside the kitchen results in retaining the kitchen’s heat and moisture. Thus, a ducted chimney is much more effective in comparison.

What are the few types of chimneys? 

Based on their structures, the various chimney types are –

  • Wall-mounted chimneys

It’s fixed on the wall, and the hood comes in pyramidal shapes or a sleek straight line.

  • Built-in chimneys 

Fixed on the wall and integrated within the fixtures of the kitchen. Appropriate for a small kitchen as it helps in saving space.

  • Island chimney 

Placed above the cooktop of a cooking island, at least 6 inches wider than the others and is adjusted from the faux ceiling.

What are the various types of Chimney filters? 

The most important part of a chimney is its filter. The more effective the filter, the more efficient is the chimney as a whole. There are three types of them.

  • Cassette filter

It consists of layers of metallic mesh, which is responsible for the suction of grease and grime. It may prove to be challenging to clean.

  • Baffle filter

This chimney fitter is made up of layers of stainless steel and aluminum that overlaps each other and changes the direction of the airflow. It is best suited for the Indian kitchen. Despite the presence of a large amount of grease, the suction is unaffected.

  • Carbon filter

The charcoal filter in it absorbs the smoke, odor, and other harmful gases. It is used in a ductless filter that circulates the purified air back into the kitchen.

  • Chimney finishes 

The kitchen chimneys have an outer covering of stainless steel. They are available in the market in varieties of shapes and colors. For a classier look, go for the glass top chimneys that are not only elegant but are easy to clean, too.

Hope the blog is of help to you when you finally decide to buy a kitchen chimney.

The kitchen is considered as the temple of a home and the homeowners must ensure that it is kept clean and safe for the well-being of their family. Maintaining a kitchen is a lot of work and if you keep on piling up the cleaning on your to-do list for once in a while, the process gets extremely difficult.

The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to make a habit of cleaning up as you work, and taking care of a few chores each day so that messes don’t pile up.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your kitchen cleaner on a daily basis with less work and also make you happy while doing the job.

1. Cleaning dishes and sink

Firstly, make sure that you start with a clean sink since this gives you the motivation to work better in the kitchen. It is a soothing and satisfying ritual that whenever you take a meal, get into the kitchen and wash the dishes, followed by the sink immediately. You can also make it a good habit to wash the utensils as well as the sink, while you wait up in the kitchen.

2. Cleaning up Spills Asap

We sometimes neglect to clean up anything that has spilled over while preparing some food or when in a hurry which results in stains, moulds, and other problems. Hence, we should always keep this in mind and attend to clean as soon as something gets spilled over so that later on we would not have to invest much effort in cleaning those parts.

3. Keep grease-free walls using technology

The most difficult part about cleaning a kitchen is to remove the soot, dust, oil, and grease that sets on to the walls, corners, cabinets, and other parts of the kitchen.

Investing for an Advanced Kitchen Chimney from the best dealers will ensure that your kitchen remains clean. An Auto-clean kitchen chimney has an oil collector and is able to absorb all the smoke and fumes emitted during cooking, thus providing fresh air circulation around the kitchen.

4. Cleaning Refrigerator and Freezer

The refrigerator is that part of your kitchen where almost all food items are stored, be it raw or cooked. So, it is very important to clean this appliance every once in a while because you would not want your food to get contaminated because of the dirt and germs present in the refrigerator. Sometimes there is also a foul smell persisting because of the different food items being kept which can be prevented by keeping an open box of baking soda or a bowl of coffee beans.

With each passing day, technology keeps getting smarter and more interesting and even the basic things that we use have become pretty advanced. We install different kinds of appliances in our home to make our lives a bit easier.

All the appliances that you install for your kitchen are only to save your time and efforts and to aid in the chores. Homeowners must always ensure the selection of their appliances to go with their kitchen design.

Here are some of the must-have appliances for your kitchen :

1. Microwave Oven

An easy to operate and conventional oven which takes a minimum of your kitchen space and can be used for keeping food warm, baking, grilling, broiling, etc.

2. Blender

A very useful appliance which can be used to blend two or more ingredients together. One can use it for mixing juices, sauces, and soups. It is different from a food processor.

3. Advanced Kitchen Chimney

An exceptional addition to keeping your kitchen clean and have proper air circulation around to ensure the well being of you and your family.

4. RO Water Purifier

Cooking requires a lot of water usage, however, it is important that the source of water being used in your food is clean and pure and mineral-rich. The Best Water Purifiers provides germ-free water which will ensure optimum safety for your food.

5. Rice Cooker

This is a very important and useful appliance that will create the perfect rice every time with just a push of a button and you won’t have to invest any efforts for the same.

6. Mixer Grinder

Mixers are an extremely useful appliance for home-bakers to stir bread dough or make cake batters. Some mixers come with dough hook attachments for kneading and mixing wet and dry ingredients.

7. Electric Grill

These are a great addition to your kitchen if you want to cook some grilled meat and veggies on a weekend, these are small, smoke-free, and very easy to clean.

8. Food Processor

This appliance is very resourceful and saves you a lot of time. It comes with a variety of blade attachments which can be used to chop up your ingredients according to your choice.

The kitchen is often believed to be the heart of homes. From learning cooking to being able to cook our favourite dishes, the kitchen is the hub of many daily activities and most of us have fond memories associated with it. So, designing a kitchen in an efficient and comfortable way is very important. Designing a kitchen involves many decisions like choosing the colour of walls, choosing appliances and utensils, and so on. Every step, big or small, ultimately helps to make your kitchen a happy place in your home.

Kitchens have always been an essential part of homes but their designs and functionalities have changed a lot over the past decade. Kitchens have moved from being the cooking area to the cozy conversation place in modern homes. As the saying goes “Happy kitchen, Happy home”, homeowners have started taking kitchen designs very seriously.

Current appliance trends in Kitchen

Appliances play an important role in making your kitchen efficient. Gone are those days when a gas stove or a refrigerator would be the biggest asset in a kitchen. People are implementing a lot of innovative ideas for kitchen designing. In the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in the range of kitchen appliances as technology has advanced. New technologies have made efficient and entertaining. Some of the current appliance trends in the kitchen are as follows:

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys –

Traditional kitchen chimneys had the problem of grease getting stuck to the filter which in turn affected the suction power. Over time, the efficiency of the chimney to suck in oil and grease would decrease. But many companies have found a solution to this problem by introducing auto clean kitchen chimneys. These chimneys not only look sleek and elegant but they also prevent clogging of grease inside the chimneys. Some of the chimneys which provide this feature are the Classic and Stilez models by Propello.

French door refrigerators –

The side-by-side doors refrigerators have become very popular in recent times. These refrigerators provide a lot of space at the eye level which makes it easier for homeowners to use.

Glass cooktops –

This is a comparatively new innovation that can add a very classy look to your kitchen. Many companies like Propello have come up with multiple-burners beautiful cooktops made of tempered glass. Apart from the eye-pleasing looks, models like Blaze and Sparkz are very compact and useful for cooking multiple dishes parallelly.

RO+UF Water purifiers –

Nowadays people have become increasingly conscious about their health. People are not only choosing a healthy diet, but there has also been a growing consciousness about drinking water. The RO+UF water purifiers have membranes that are capable of removing even the smallest particles and kill the harmful bacteria in water thus ensuring safety. These purifiers also have the feature of adjusting minerals in drinking water so that it tastes good. Propello offers purifiers like Life Plus which can perform all these functions.


Advantages of modern kitchen appliances

If you want to have a good lifestyle then modern kitchen appliances will become a necessity. These appliances can actually help you cook smarter and better in a hectic life. Modern kitchens use integrated technology which makes the kitchen a better place. Modern kitchens are known for making very efficient use of space. Some of the advantages of modern kitchen appliances are as follows:

Amazing design – Customers nowadays want a kitchen that looks great. Many people don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to make their kitchens look stylish. Modern kitchen appliances are designed to look good and perform multi-functional activities so that they can be used even in small spaces.

Energy-efficient – Current kitchen appliances are designed in a way that it can save electricity. They are user-friendly and energy-efficient as compared to traditional designs.

Durable – Kitchen appliances are meant for regular usage so it is very important that they are durable. Modern appliances are manufactured using different innovative technologies which ensure that the appliances last long.

Cooking efficiency – Appliances like multiple gas burners can actually speed up the cooking process significantly. With so many tools and technologies available at home, people who love cooking have the opportunity to try out new and complex dishes at home.

Savings – Modern kitchen appliances are often multi-functional. They can speed up the process of cooking as well as cleaning which can help you to save money in the long run.

Kitchens should be designed in a way so that it suits all your needs. There are many benefits of having a well-designed modern kitchen. You can have your very own customized and aesthetic set-up to make your everyday chore of cooking look seamless. The choice of kitchen design can bring it all together or make the kitchen a separate entity in your home. The choice is completely yours!!

The kitchen area is a very prime section of every household. What we get to see in our homes is that the kitchen remains busy almost throughout the day, the reason why it is known as the heart of the home because we all know that “our heart is, where the food is.”

Usually these days, people want to have a home with a well laid out kitchen that has a lot of space for individual movement and built-in with modern technologies, that help make cooking more fun and easier. This is where the modular kitchen comes into place, with a totally new construction concept to withhold. Our world has gone through some severe environmental changes which have proved that it is more hygienic, durable, and ergonomically comfortable to choose a modular kitchen over an ordinary kitchen. Everybody wants to be a chef at home sometimes and cook some masterpieces. However, a messy, unorganized and less spacious kitchen can easily ruin this eternal quest for man’s glory.


1. Design and detail

Now, the traditional kitchen is found in most of our homes which is generally a structure whose base platform, partitions, and shelves are made of concrete, stone, or even wood. The wall boxes are either non-existent, open concrete, or stone shelves or painted hand-cut boxes. The borders of the platform and their shutters might be uneven which may lead to cracks, crevices, and cockroach or termite infestations.

Whereas, a modern kitchen is not only more organized but also has pre-made modules or cabinets which are way more functional than ordinary kitchen shelves. Any type of kitchen can be renovated or reconstructed into a modular kitchen with all new fittings, built-in oven, modulated shelves, washing area, best kitchen chimneys, space for installing RO water purifiers, etc.


2. Fitting new appliances

Moreover, another disadvantage of the traditional kitchen is that the latest fittings cannot be installed on the concrete or stone surface. It is difficult to install appliances with modern technologies and there might be a lot of congestion already. But in case of a modular kitchen, most appliances with modern technological handles can be installed, including refrigerators, ovens, grillers can be neatly fitted into some cabinet which makes the kitchen look more spacious and clutter-free. Eventually, with a clutter-free space, you can get all your kitchen utensils compactly arranged and can be easily accessed.


3. Easy shifting

Modular Kitchens are basically factory made quality products, with template designs that ensure the setup of the kitchen can be done in real quick time. This means it can be assembled, disassembled, and shifted easily. So you need not worry even if you have a plan of changing home, you can always get your modular kitchen relocated. You can never think of dismantling the stone and concrete pieces or the wooden boxes and shift your traditional kitchen to your new home.


4. Modification to your choice

Generally, modular kitchens are pre-planned and designed specifically and systematically with the help of experts. They try to analyze the requirements of people desiring for a type of kitchen with each new advancement in the world. So it aims to give you the utmost comfort of working and being in a kitchen, helps you find ease at cooking and keeps everything in a very organized manner. You can get in touch with an interior designer and he will give you all the insights of how your modular kitchen can be projected based on your requirements, you can even get your own choice of colour setting and materials to give an overall neat and aesthetic look at a reasonable price. However, a normal kitchen would require a lot of effort and money to be built in that way.

Now you know what better things are waiting for you if you already are thinking of getting your normal boring kitchen to convert into a beautiful modular one. You can yourself choose your own modular kitchen from the pre-designed templates and along with that get the best electrical appliances including affordable kitchen chimneys to microwave ovens and so on. Time is running out so you got to hurry up!

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