What is Auto Heat Clean Technology?

23rd Oct admin

What is Auto Heat Clean Technology?

These days, chimneys have become a prerequisite for an urban kitchen. The chimney helps get rid of oil and dust particles from the kitchen and keeps it clean. However, there are several types of chimneys available. They come with different cleaning technologies – Manual Cleaning, Auto Heat Clean (MINIMUM MANUAL CLEANING), Auto Water Clean (FREQUENT MANUAL CLEANING) etc.   

What is Heat Auto Clean Technology?

An Auto Heat Clean Chimney comes fitted with a heating coil and a turbine blower inside. As the blower moves, all the oil particles inside the chimney gets collected near the blower wall. When the coil gets heated, it melts all the oil on the filters which get collected in the tray. Of course, you have to manually clean the filter once in a while, but its frequency is much lesser than a water auto clean chimney. All that needs to be done is to press the “Auto Heat Clean” control button when required.   

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