Kitchen auto clean Chimney in Kolkata

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Kitchen auto clean Chimney in Kolkata

Kitchen chimneys are essential for preventing smoke and filth in the kitchen. There are many different chimney designs on the market, but auto-clean chimneys are the most popular choice for an Indian kitchen. With a sophisticated oil collector that separates oil from smoke and odors, auto-clean chimneys effectively cleanse the air in the kitchen while also requiring little upkeep on their part. The kitchen chimney’s total maintenance is reduced thanks to its automated cleaning functionality, extending its lifespan and improving the suction filter’s performance.

Benefits of auto-cleaning kitchen chimneys include:

  • It prevents oil and grease particles from adhering to the filter, which can influence the suction force of the kitchen chimney and lower performance.
  • The kitchen chimney’s non-stick aluminum turbine blower minimizes oil buildup on its interior components.
  • Oil collector requires less frequent cleaning, which lowers the total cost of filter maintenance.

Cooking produces a lot of smoke, and Indian cuisine, where there is an excess of frying and spice use, may be pretty oily and sticky. While the sound of sputtering tadka produces an appealing perfume and flavor, it also leaves a mark on the ceiling and tiles of your kitchen. This is where a kitchen chimney comes into play, acting as a device to absorb smoke and rid your kitchen of odors, smoke, and oil. A contemporary kitchen chimney highlights how stylish your modular kitchen is.

The three kinds of chimney filter types are based on the material, construction, and filtering method.

  1. Mesh/Cassette Filter
  2. Filter baffle
  3. Carbon Filters


Cassette/Mesh filters

The filters often include many layers of aluminum or stainless steel mesh filters to retain the solid particles while allowing the smoke to escape. These filters need a lot of care, though.


Baffle filter

Baffle filters are used in the majority of Indian chimneys. In actuality, this is an improvement over filters made of aluminum wire mesh. According to research, these filters are around 30% more effective than mesh filters. A baffle filter is somewhat simpler to maintain because it must be cleaned every three to four months.


Carbon Filter

These filters may be used in chimneys, like carbon filters in water purifiers. They clean the food of its unpleasant odor. This carbon filter, made of charcoal, may be used in the duct and ductless chimneys. The carbon filters need to be replaced after about six months since oil and other greasy particles might attach to them.


Modern auto-clean technology is included with Propello chimneys. This process aids in cleaning out the oil and particles that have built up on the motor. Typically, cleaning the chimneys is a laborious chore that must be done on occasion. Grease and grime may be easily removed from the chimney with the help of this practical device, making cleaning a breeze. Some of the chimneys made by Propello use cutting-edge 2-D filter technology, which helps to keep the air in your kitchen free of grease, smoke, and residue. Install a Propello kitchen so you may prepare delicious meals without worrying about the area’s hygiene.

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