Is a kitchen Chimney Necessary?

11th Jan admin

Yes, a kitchen chimney is necessary for Indian kitchens. Many people often assume that they do not need a kitchen chimney as they have an exhaust fan installed. A kitchen chimney is installed right above the cooktop, and thus, it removes the cooking fumes and oil particles as soon as they are released. On the other hand, an exhaust fan is installed away from the cooktop and takes time to draw the smoke out. This gives chimneys a lot of advantages over an exhaust fan. Kitchen chimneys are necessary for:


  • Cleaner kitchen: When you cook the oil particles released settle on cabinets, tiles and walls, making them look unsightly and greasy. An exhaust fan is incapable of drawing away all the oil particles. Tiles, marble, granite, and even wood furniture can over a period of time deteriorate because of smoke and grease particles. Propello kitchen chimney draws away all the smoke and oil particles, ensuring your kitchen stays clean for longer, needing less cleaning and maintenance.
  • Better indoor air quality: For many people, cooking for family and friends is an enjoyable experience. However, cooking does release some hot gases that are not good for health. Using a chimney can remove these gases from your kitchen air. It can also bring down the level of carbon monoxide that is released while cooking. 
  • Comfortable cooking experience: One of the most important benefits of installing a kitchen chimney is that it makes cooking a pleasant experience. It removes the heat and steam that comes during cooking utensils, preventing them from making you sweat or feel the heat. By drawing away from the cooking smell, it also prevents sneezing and coughing. 
  • Modern look: Installing a chimney in the kitchen not only makes your kitchen more functional but also aesthetically appealing. You can give your kitchen a modern look by installing a sophisticated chimney that goes well with the decor. 


How to buy a kitchen chimney? 

With a plethora of kitchen chimneys in the market, it can be overwhelming to select one. As one of the leading kitchen brands, we offer chimneys that are known for their cutting-edge technology and beautiful and tough exteriors and excellent customer service. Here’s what makes our chimneys so popular:  

  • Wide range of chimneys: At Propello, we have a wide range of chimneys with suction capacity, varying from 800m3/hr to 1900m3hr. Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, we have the right chimney for you. 
  • Size: Our chimneys are available in 60 cm, 75cm and 90 cm. So whether you have a 2 burner gas or 5 burner gas, you will find the right size of the chimney at Propello. 
  • Auto clean technology: Our modern chimneys come with the latest dry auto-clean technology. This means these chimneys do not require manual cleaning. All the grease and oil particles get collected in a cup that needs to be detached and emptied as and when required. So, this means no hassle of removing filters and cleaning them. 
  • Elegant design: Our chimneys are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass. The elegant design of our chimneys elevates the look of your kitchen.


If you are planning to know the kitchen chimney cost, call us at 18001210600. 

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