Filterless auto clean chimney in Kolkata

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Do you want to buy a filter less auto-clean chimney in Kolkata? If you are thinking about it, then you should not think twice! Elegante is a brand new range of filter less auto clean chimneys from a reputed brand that have been designed keeping your kitchen aesthetics in mind. Chimney is one of the essential features for every kitchen, but if you are looking for an elegant design and exceptional performance, Elegante can be a good option for you.

Elegante has an excellent design with LCD panel and round stainless steel corners that will make your kitchen bold and beautiful. It comes with Auto Clean technology that automatically cleans the flue whenever you light the fire in your chimney. The auto clean technology prevents clogging of the flue through constant cleaning. You need not worry about the cleaning as it will be done automatically by the chimney itself. This technology also increases the life of the chimney. It comes with an additional layer of stainless steel which helps to remove any odor by filtering it out and makes the entire cooking process more pleasant. With two-layer filter with oil collector, odor is extracted without getting into your kitchen and makes it more pleasant to cook when there is no foul smell around.

Propello has years of experience providing comprehensive chimney in Kolkata, and we know what it takes to keep your kitchen safe and clean. The filter less chimney is going to be crucial to keeping your kitchen free from soot, smoke, and other airborne particles. The dry auto-clean technology will completely prevent any buildup of residue at the bottom of your oven, which could potentially lead to a fire hazard. It’s very important to make sure that you have a reliable and knowledgeable professional on your side when it comes time for buying chimneys.

If you’re ready to make sure that your kitchen is properly ventilated and protected, contact Propello today!

A dry auto-clean chimney is, as the name suggests, a chimney that does not use water to clean the exhaust gases. They are also known as dry flue systems and are increasingly being used in houses with traditionally-installed wet flue systems. Their advantages over traditional chimneys include:

  1. They do not require a large amount of space inside the house to install – wet chimneys take up a lot more room than dry ones.
  1. Dry systems don’t require the installation of a flue damper or dampers – installations with these features can be tricky and some homeowners have even reported problems with their dampers breaking down or parts getting missing during installation.
  1. Dry flues are safer to use than wet flues – they don’t cause leaks which could lead to flooding in your house if you’re unlucky enough and they also don’t allow moisture into your home, which can cause mold and mildew growth.
  1. Dry flues don’t emit noxious fumes into your living space – there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or other hazardous fumes being emitted by the system into your living area.

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