90 cm chimney

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It looks like a modern smoker in your kitchen! However, it is even more multifunctional than that!

Elite’s chimney is a multi-functional appliance for the kitchen. It not only provides you with a great place to cook your food but also makes your kitchen look much brighter. This chimney comes with an external wooden glass finish making it stand out in your kitchen. Not only does it make your kitchen brighter but also Elite’s Teflon-coated filter makes it much easier to clean it.

The Elite Company has been manufacturing cooking appliances since 1971. The company started out by manufacturing broilers and grills and has grown over the years to manufacture gas grills, gas ovens as well as electric ovens. All products manufactured by the Elite Company are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and long lasting. Elite is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end cooking appliances and its products have found their way into kitchens all over the world.

Features of 90 cm chimney:

  • Having a chimney is a good way to keep your house smoke-free. The best thing about having one is that you can regulate the airflow. That’s because, at the top of the chimney, there are three different vents that can be opened or closed. The first vent has the smallest hole, so it’s mainly used for low smoke. The second vent has a medium sized hole, so it’s used for moderate smoke. And finally, there’s the third vent with the largest opening, which is used for high smoke. If you’re using a fireplace to heat up your house during cold seasons, you should know these details beforehand.

Today we’ll be talking about the features of 90 cm chimney. First of all, let’s talk about the dry auto clean technology. Chimneys with this technology have heat conductors which heat up the internal surface of the chimney to melt the grease and grime with ease. The melted grime is then collected in the oil collector and the hot fumes are removed by flushing out the hot air at the end of the process.

The dry auto clean system can be a great help to you if your chimney is filled with grime and grease. It is a revolutionary process that makes cleaning your chimney easy and efficient. This system helps you avoid unsightly soot marks on your roof, walls and furniture.

You’ll find that having a chimney with this feature can definitely save you time and money. Having to hire someone to clean your chimney every year costs too much money, even though you will be saving money on getting repairs regularly done as well as avoiding health issues from breathing in smoke from your fireplace or oven.

All in all, chimneys with this feature will last longer, look better and you’ll save more money in the long run!

  • The 90 cm chimney comes with an oil collector. The oil collector is a plastic container that is used during the function of auto cleaning. This takes place when the temperature of the appliance reaches around 300 degrees Celsius. It is during this time that smoke is blown in to the chamber and at high pressure. The pipe that carries out this smoke comes with a mesh filter. The mesh filter blocks any solid particles from entering the flue system, which leads to smoke back drafting.

The pipe then falls down into the oil collector, where it collects any oils that have been left over after a period of use without being cleaned by the automatic cleaning function (the auto-clean function only cleans the chimney once per hour). Once the smoke has passed through the mesh filter and collected any oils, it then passes up through a chimney on top of the roof of your home.

The flue system that carries out this process also includes a damper, which will open and close as needed. The damper helps to maintain pressure inside of your flue system and in your appliance itself. It also keeps any unwanted air from getting into these areas.

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