1) Machine not starting: Check for loose Connection, Connect some other devise to check, if socket is working
2) Filteration very Slow /Tank taking long time to fill: Check inlet water pressure.
3) Abnormal noise from machine: Check inlet water pressure.
4) No water from rejection pipe: Check if there is any abnormal bend or blockage in the rejection pipe


1) Machine not starting: Check for loose Connection, Connect some other devise to check, if socket is working
2) Insuficient suction: Chimney not cleaned for a long time. Obstruction in duct
3) Oil Leakage: Machine not in level
4) Abnormal noise from machine: Chimney not cleaned for a long time. Obstruction in duct
5) Faulty switches: Check for loose Connection, Connect some other devise to check, if socket is working, Unplug and Restart


1) Gas Leakage: Check input Pipe
2) Flame not proper: Check if burner is set properly
3) Auto ignition not working: Check if batteries are drained
4) Abnormal noise during On/OFF: Check if burner is set properly



What types of harmful impurities are found in drinking water?

Impurities found in drinking water can be broadly classified into: a) Suspended impurities such as mud, dust, sand, bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc b) Dissolved impurities that become soluble in water such as-
- Pesticides (commonly found in borewell water)
- Arsenic & Fluoride (found in groundwell water)
- Heavy Metals salts like mercury, lead, copper, cadmium (from industrial wastes)

Why is water essential for human body?

Human body needs water to function smoothly and efficiently. Water also plays a vital role in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells, assimilation of nutrients and waste transportation. Water is also required to regulate the body temperature and even eliminates toxins from the body.

What is water purification?

Water purification generally means freeing water from any kind of impurity it contains, such as physico-chemical contaminants or micro organisms. Water purification process contains many steps. The steps that need to be progressed depend on the kind of impurities that are found in the water. This can differ for different types of water.

What is Reverse Osmosis Technology in water purification?

It is the process by which water molecules are forced through a 0.0001 micron semi permeable membrane by water pressure. Long sheets of the membrane (TFC - Thin Film Composite) are ingeniously sandwiched together and rolled up around a hollow central tube in a spiral fashion. They are available in different sizes for processing different quantities of water. This process of purification is mainly meant to reduce the 'salt content' from the water.

Why is it said that boiling is not a 'complete' method?

While boiling the water, all the dissolved oxygen escapes and makes the water tasteless. Dissolved oxygen is required in our body for easy digestion. Moreover while boiling the water, the concentration of the chemical impurities will increase i.e. nitrates, pesticides etc. We cannot remove physical impurities through boiling. To kill micro organisms we need to boil water for a minimum of 20 minutes for 100% success rate. Boiling is a time consuming, expensive and non eco-friendly method.

How do I know which water purifier I need for my home/office?

Water treatment is like any other treatment of your health. You first need to know what is wrong with your water before you treat it. Depending upon the water input TDS one has to select the right technology to purify the water.

Do you need to boil or filter purified water again?

Of course not! A complete purification system is one which gives you clear, safe water. Just fill your glass and drink!!!



How does a chimney work?

A chimney is fitted right above the cooking appliance. When turned on it sucks all the oil, smoke, spices etc generated during cooking. The oil gets trapped into the modular filters and the odor/smoke is either filtered or recirculated into the room or they are thrown out of the room through the duct.

Does a chimney really work?/How does it differ from an exhaust fan?

Yes a chimney is very effective. It not only throws/ purifies the air but it also traps the oil , spices. This not only keeps the kitchen air clean it also prevents the blackening of the walls/ furniture which can’t be does by the exhaust fan.

At what height should the chimney be fitted?

One manufacturer wants the users to mount the chimney at a height of not less than 65 cms from the burners and ideally not more than 75 cms. This can vary from model to model, so please check with them.

How does auto clean work?

The auto Clean function sprays cleansining agent at Hi-speed to clean, blower, blower casing, oil tube and oil pan automatically with one push of the button.

It is recomended to clean the hood weekly or more frequently if required so that the hood will stay clean and have trouble free performance during its lifespan.

What is the advantage for filter-less hood?

Better suction (screen on filter hoods will clogged gradually and reduce suction). Filter-less hood is quieter vs. filter hood even with a much higher CFM.

How can I keep my plastic oil cups from cracking?

After each use, dispense the dirty water and leave small amount of clean water in the cup and it will reducer the temperature and prolong the life of the cup.

My hood is getting louder after a period of used, why?

Damper not opening all the way. Grease built up needs cleaning.

What are the different Type of Chimney

1.Oil Collector with Auto Clean
2.Oil Collector
3.Baffle Filter
4.Cassette Filter

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