About Us – We are Propello

When you dream of a happy home, we want to be a part of it. We make your home more comfortable with the touch of our innovation. From lifestyle to look, we want to bring revolution to offer you modern equipment to suit your taste.

Our innovation intends to give you a global standard product at a reasonable price. Our team is always working to improve so that you can be a satisfied customer of Propello. We innovate and offer the best in the market, whether it is productivity, design, and style. Our best water purifiers and best kitchen chimneys are designed to bring ease and style to your household. We want to be the reason for your happy and stylised household.

We are happy to serve you!

Our happiness lies with you:

We trust that quality and improvements are the primary keys to long term success. Therefore we use the best materials to ensure the best quality products. Our team has earned ISO 9001:2008 certifications with their best effort.

The performance and credibility of a company are judged under factors like durability, quality, and standard of the product. We try our best to excel in all the categories so that you can depend on us without hesitation.

Your health and happiness is our desire:

Happiness and health are interrelated. Therefore we ensure that our water purifiers offer you, completely purified and safe water, and our best brand kitchen chimneys provide you with a clean air in your kitchen that helps you to stay happy and healthy. Though Propello makes a product that is fit for Indian households, we still pay attention to region-specific needs. This is the reason our expert team efficiently customize products to cope with it - to unite the diversity with the name 'Propello.'

We are within your reach:

Now we have become a wide-reaching network. Therefore we are only one step away from you. Our dealers give us the opportunity is to serve our customers. Propello has started its journey as a happiness preacher from the city of Joy.

We are looking forward to partner with other leading dealers across the region so that we can share happiness with everyone.

Our Mission:

Serving our customers with the best quality products is our vision, so our mission also concentrates on our precious customers -

  • Customer satisfaction comes at. First, we value the way a customer reviews us whenever they buy our products.
  • Teamwork is always the key to achieve a dream: Our hardworking team works together to revolutionize the innovation.
  • Our words reflects our action so that you can depend on us with utmost trust.
  • Our team members are precious to us: when they grow, we grow with them.
  • Our products are made with high-quality materials. We try to further the guarantee of functionality by testing it for several times.
  • We value talent; they are the one who makes us 'Propello'.
  • As a responsible corporate entity, we aim to create social quality, and our work starts with bringing a world-class, standardized product into all households at an affordable price.

Propello Advance Water purifier - to make life healthier

Propello Advance Water purifier is one of the top water purifiers as it follows the multi-step water purifying process. It has UV, RO Technology with an Easy-to-Use interface.

Propello water Purifiers is entirely efficient to provide you with safe, pure drinking water without much difficulty. Our best water purifiers keep your clean by removing all viruses and bacteria that contaminate drinking water.

Propello water purifiers are available in various range, style, and features. Contact us to learn more about our products!