It’s Time to Give Back #Health2Others

Give them the best reward for their service – the purest drops of health.
Little pocket money can bring a big change to many lives.


You Pledge

Your wish to contribute to the cause will make a family or individual gain a Propello water purifier.

We Reach You

We receive your enquiry for a contribution and our team will plan for the rest.

You Nominate

Your nominee is always the beneficiary. We pass the purifier to the person who you think needs it.

We Do the Running

We do the hard work for you, while you sit back and wait for the day of donation to arrive.

We Demonstrate the Procedure

On the given date, we visit your house with the water purifier and demonstrate to you and your nominee.

You Become a Donor

We welcome you to join this joyous occasion along with your family. We don’t want you to miss it!


How You are Benefitted

The Propello pledge for purified water thrives on a unique approach. Unlike others, this pledge affects the life and lives around your nominee. You can surely experience the pleasure how your small contribution is making a remarkable difference.

Your contribution goes to the person or persons whom you choose to nominate. Your nominee could be anyone working for you or around you with genuine needs.

The contributory amount on your part is minimal. Yet it would be offering a healthier life to one, rather more than one.

The Story of Renu