Why Propello?

Superior Design

Ergonomic and stylish, home appliances from Propello feature the latest in design technology.Sleek in appearance, these products add to the overall appeal of contemporary living spaces.

Advanced Technology

Delivering the best in performance so that Indian homemakers can experience complete happiness: that’s the vision that drives us at Propello. Our standard is to go beyond standard performance.

Warranty & Certifications

Our commitment to ensuring products and services of only the very highest quality has resulted in the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Delivering the international living experience to Indian homemakers – every product we make is a step forward towards realising that objective.

Prompt and Regular After-Sales Service

The Propello experience begins with the product. And lasts long after you have purchased it. A team of professionals ensures that nothing gets in the way of your happiness. Should you have the need for it, our team is available round-the-clock to provide you with expert assistance. Through the regular maintenance program we ensure that your Propello appliance remains in top condition even after years of use.

Affordable Price

We believe that the price of a product should never get in the way of the happiness it can bring in the lives of the people who will use it. Precisely why we pride ourselves on delivering value that homemakers across India will welcome into their homes.

Easy Instalment Options

Happiness shouldn’t wait. So we have made it easy for homemakers to get their Propello product of choice via a number of payment options. The easy instalment option means that you can buy a product now and pay for it over a period of time without affecting your monthly budget.

The Propello Advantage - Water Purifier

Multi-step purifying process. Combination of UV and RO technology. Easy-to-use interface. Propello Water Purifiers have been designed to give you clean, pure drinking water with minimum hassle. The range of water purifiers features a variety of purifying techniques, ensuring the water you drink is free not only from contaminants but also from bacteria and viruses.

Propello Water Purifiers are available in a range of capacities and sizes.