Oil Collector Kitchen Chimney in Kolkata


Storage Capacity Tank - 8 ltrs
Filtration capacity Filtration Capacity - 8 ltr/hr
Purifying Technology Filtration - RO with Alkaline Cartige
Installation type Table Top and Wall mounting
Filter Type Two Pre Filters
Membranes Spiral Wound TFC Membrane

About this product

The Propello Advantage - Water Purifier

Multi-step purifying process. Combination of UV and RO technology. Easy-to-use interface. Propello Water Purifiers have been designed to give you clean, pure drinking water with minimum hassle. The range of water purifiers features a variety of purifying techniques, ensuring the water you drink is free not only from contaminants but also from bacteria and viruses.

Propello Water Purifiers are available in a range of capacities and sizes.