Oil Collector Kitchen Chimney in Kolkata


Size 75 cm
Filter Type Oil Collector with dry-clean technolgy
Suction power 1150m³/hr
Motor wattage 70 W
Speed Two
Air outlet (dimension) 150mm
Body Stainless Steel
No of Lamp One LED
Switch Type Push Button

About this product

Chic appearance and supreme functionality make Robust the best choice for modern cooking spaces. Its stainless steel body combines style and robustness, and the high-power motors ensure superior cleaning ability.

The Propello Advantage - Kitchen Chimney

High suction power. Elegant designs. Complete happiness.Propello chimneys feature an unbeatable combination of performance and style. Designed to clear away smoke and even the toughest grime, every product in the range of chimneys will leave your kitchen sparkling clean. So that you can enjoy clean, smoke-free air in every breath.

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