• Propello, the ideal homemaker. From elegant rooftop kitchen chimney to hobs, mixer, grinders & many more, just simplify living with us.

About Us

Propello Innovations Private Limited is the vision of young minds that puts together the innovations of modern technology to develop environment friendly and energy saving appliances. Thrusting towards definite future directions, Propello has the expertise and the infrastructure in place to reach out its global standard appliances to the Indian household. With the concept of increasing product life in mind, Propello uses superior materials and innovative ways of quality control that guarantees dependability. In recognition to its efforts the Company has been awarded the ISO 9001- 2008 certification.

We are a 21st century company with a wide range of kitchen appliances and healthcare services. In short, we are innovations for a happy home.  Our belief is to design one-of-a kind appliances that makes life easy and simple. Our mission is to provide you pure drinking water and hassle free kitchen care services. We don’t just take it as a job, we take as our responsibility to gift you freshness. Infact it is our zeal to improvise as such to improve the standard of living as a whole.

Propello, propelling customer satisfaction to a new level. We are devoted to provide you a happy healthy life. From elegant rooftop kitchen chimney to hobs mixer and grinders, Propello is ushering a blend of modern kitchen appliances and water purification services. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. To keep you up smiling we keep up the good work. We are always there at your service, just a call away, ever ready to solve your queries questions and problems.

Our devoted effort has allowed us a steady growth. With our head office in Mumbai, Propello has now established itself at the heart of the city of joy, Kolkata and all over Bengal .

Our Ethos

  • All our representatives have specified areas decided by the company, where they interact with the customers and maintain every step to ensure company goodwill. From sales to after sell services, relationship with the customer gets the priority.
  • As per our company ethics, our representatives shall state product details and all the necessary information available. They shall never provide any false fact about the product.
  • Only any officially declared product scheme shall find its place in the representative’s voice.
  • From the technical aspect, our representatives shall provide complete demonstration regarding the working of any product.

Our Business Ideals

  • Customer satisfaction tops the chart in our to-do list. When it comes to products we ensure to deliver quality to enrich customer values.
  • We have no place for self-centered ideals. We work as a team to uplift your Being-happy status.
  • We strive to maintain crystal clear transparency both in our words and actions.
  • Propello inspires every growing individual within the company and moulds them to be more skillful.
  • We never go for half-hearted measures. All our functioning and workings are measured and strategised to build up the goodwill of the company.
  • From customer well being to taking initiatives to reward individual brilliancies within the company, Propello always keeps up it’s name as innovations for happiness
  • Propello believes to do justice to it’s name as a dutiful discerning corporate personality.

Our aspirations

Propello is one big family. All our representatives, officials everybody aim to grow along with the rapid progress of the company. Propello aspires to take customer belief to the next level, where a happy home would be synonymous with Propello. It is just a matter of time when our positive thinking and working ideals would vitally make us the undisputable favourite.


We believe to keep your trust on us, your trust for good health and safe hygienic living. We are always on the run to fine tune our innovations to add more rhythm to your life. We focus on clear, straight forward, transparent working ideals to enhance the  positive progress of the concern.

Our Innovation

We believe innovation plays a very significant role in our life. At Propello, we are always looking forward for new ways to add smiles to your day to day life. With our modern technological innovations we are looking forward everyday to evolve our products to make your life more easy and happy. From market research to door to door surveys, Propello team eagerly works to feel your pulse, your likings. From there on we upgrade and modify our appliances so that they become more applicable in your household work. Our ideals stresses on things that meet your demands and touch your heart as well. Finally, your satisfaction is our achievement.

Our indomitable zeal to go ahead has reached million hearts and taken many by surprise. Our group of skilled personals are efficiently dedicated to infuse new ‘adopt-implement’ mechanisms in our products and working as well.

Our experiences, explorations, greetings and positive responses has given us an add on to come up with several new feel good home appliances. Make your life simpler easily. From kitchen chimneys to water purifiers, modified irons and geysers all are in the pipeline.