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Give your health a juicy boost with Propello Mixers

Nutritionists across the world have given the thumbs up to the breakfast juice as the healthiest thing you can have as the first meal of the day. And with the Propello Mixer you can make the perfect fruit juice in a jiffy! Your body requires a certain specified quantity of vitamins and minerals every day, and fruits are the best source of these nutrients. What’s great is that fruits are easily digested by our bodies!

In an age where people are constantly looking for ways to improve their lifestyles, a fruity breakfast is perhaps one of the simplest way to ensure one’s well-being. With the Propello Mixer you can take your fruit of choice and give your day the healthiest possible start. Embrace the goodness of fruits and feel layers of tiredness peel away, leaving you refreshed and ready for the day.

So, apples or oranges, what will it be?

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A wave of happiness

Did you ever imagine that a doll could help people recover from a natural calamity? What's more, did you know that she cannot be bought, only gifted? Meet Tsunamika, the daughter of the tsunami, who turns 10 today and has been enabling 100 tsunami affected women in Tamil Nadu to get back on their feet. Her spirit and determination in the face of insurmountable odds is an inspiration to the entire community. The dolls are a symbol of empowerment, one that has strengthened the resolve of people affected by a devastating tragedy. They are now reclaiming their happiness.

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The Propello Advantage - Water Purifier

Multi-step purifying process. Combination of UV and RO technology. Easy-to—use interface. Propello Water Purifiers have been designed to give you clean, oure drinking water with minimum hassle. The range of water purifiers features a variety of purifying techniques, ensuring the water you drink is free not only from contaminants but also from bacteria and viruses.

Propello Water Purifiers are available in a range of capacities and sizes.